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CoreEnergetics is a holistic psychotherapy for body, soul and mental consciousness.

This therapy was developped by John Pierrakos and Eva Pierrakos. John Pierrakos got essential impulses from his teacher Wilhelm Reich.
„Core“ is an acronym for „center of right energy“. It could also be named „essence“, „heart“ or „Higher Self“.  CoreEnergetics perceives man as a spiritual being. Guided by his core he will found his life on the divine principles of truth, selfless love, creativity and freedom. We are born with the power of the core.

All suffering begins, when man loses the contact with his core. This will result in distortions of the life-stream and the lively motility, in restrictions of feelings, mind,
and self-awareness, which can lead  to psychosomatic diseases.

Many people have learnt to repress the strong and fresh feelings of pain and angry protest directly, when their core was violated. But repressed  feelings have the tendency to degenerate into negative feelings like rage, hatred,  and revengefulness. Most people hide them behind different social masks. But  they will  explode later  far away from their original source out of many small causes. The negative feelings dominate man instead that he takes responsibility and dominates them. It is these feelings, which create destruction and misery everywhere in the world, internally and outwardly.

In CoreEnergetics man learns to know these feelings, to express them without violating others and to get free access to his core, from where all the beautiful and genuine feelings and impulses of love, joy, compassion and higher consciousness arise.

In order to proceed on this path of purification you need the caring and holding environment of a therapist and of a therapy-group.