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Psychotherapy of the Subtle Body (Etherikos)

All suffering, all dissatisfaction begins, when you lose the contact with your essence; and all healing begins when you are open for it again. 
The essence mirrors the work of the Creator in us, of the „absolute infinite beingness“ (Daskalos). Infinite love, everlasting life, mercy, perfect wisdom  and joy are His powers. How can we find the connection with the essence again?

Our human form is much bigger than our physical body. It is not limited by the skin. It expands beyond as an invisible, subtle body. Some call him „etherical body“, others the aura. It is composed of immaterial layers, which become the finer the more they reach out into space. It is through this subtle body that we receive informations from the knowing field of the universe and to which we send out informations equally. Similarly to the physical organs which digest  nutritive substances, we have immaterial organs in the subtle body which transform  mental and spiritual substances. These organs are called „chakras“, and they work with the light of ideas, convictions, mental patterns and concepts.  If we move into a state of heightened awareness we can perceive them as forms, called  „elementals“. There are positive and negative elementals. They have a „gestalt“, and colors and radiate mental-emotional vibrations. Negative elementals or thought-forms weaken our health and our capacity to love. Most common are those of greed, rage, hate, resentfulness and revengefulness. All elementals have  individual and collective impacts. Positive elementals are of higher and stronger power, they can transform the negative ones, if we pray and invoke them to help us. They are also called angelic elementals and are of immortal nature. They open the path to our essence. 

The transformation-process from negative into positive elementals is practiced either in individual sessions or in the group. 
This purification-process is inspired by the teachings and healing work of Daskalos (Stylianos Atteshlis), the mystic and teacher from Cyprus. It was passed on to me by his student Nicholas Demetry from Atlanta/USA, a psychiatric doctor, healer und spiritual teacher, who named his work „Etherikos“. Etherikos can be considered as an extension and deepening of CoreEnergetics.